Consent types

Non-material amendment of an existing planning permission

Following a grant of planning permission, it may be necessary to make amendments to the proposals that were originally approved.

This type of application is used to make non-material amendment(s).

Whether or not the proposed amendment(s) are considered to be ‘non-material’ (rather than ‘material’) will depend on the specific details of the existing planning permission. A change which may be considered ‘non-material’ in one case could be ‘material’ in another.

Government does not provide a statutory definition of ‘non-material’, it is down to the  Local Planning Authority to be satisfied that any amendment(s) sought are ‘non-material’ in order to be eligible for this type of application.

Therefore, you may wish to seek advice from your Local Planning Authority or check information on its website. Find contact details for your Local Planning Authority on the Planning Portal.

If a non-material amendment application is successful, no new planning permission will be created. The original permission will still stand, but will be modified as detailed by the non-material amendment decision. Therefore, both decisions will need to be read together.

View the official guidance on this application type in the ‘Flexible options for planning permissions’ guidance on