Paper Forms

Consent types not available through the online system and paper form chooser

The following consent types are not currently available on the online application system, fee calculator or paper form chooser. This means that the forms below do not currently carry specific LPA details or branding.

Download the fees schedule for all English applications (including those below) here (PDF).

All other consent types are available through our online application system and paper form chooser.

Please note: The forms available in the links below should be saved to your device (using the 'save as' function) and then completed. If you do not save a version before entering text, the text will not be saved correctly. You can complete the form using the free Adobe Reader desktop software / mobile app or full Adobe Acrobat software. Many internet browsers and other software can be used to view PDF format files, but we cannot guarantee their compatibility or functionality in regard to these forms.

Application for Permission in Principle

Please note: Applications for Technical Details Consent based on a granted Permission in Principle should be submitted as a Full Planning Permission with details of the related Permission in Principle provided in the description.

Application for a Certificate of Lawfulness of Proposed Works to a listed building

Planning application for development relating to the onshore extraction of oil and gas

Application types not currently available on the Planning Portal

If you wish to apply for the following, please contact your local planning authority or check their website for details

  • Planning permission for mineral extraction or associated development
  • Modification or discharge of a Section 106 planning obligation