Community Infrastructure Levy

Additional information required when making a planning application

The introduction of the levy means that charging authorities require additional information to determine whether a charge is due and to determine the amount.

Applicants will therefore be required to provide additional details to enable authorities to calculate levy liability. This can be done using the form below, which should be submitted to your local planning authority alongside the planning application if CIL is in place. When applying through the Planning Portal, you can simply upload the completed form to the supporting documents section of your application.

Once planning permission is granted, collecting authorities will issue applicants with a levy liability notice. Applicants should then assume liability to pay the levy charge prior to commencement of development by sending a completed assumption of liability form (Form 2: Assumption of Liability) to the collecting authority.

A liable party who subsequently wishes to withdraw or transfer their liability must complete either ‘Form 3: Withdrawal of Assumption of Liability’ or ‘Form 4: Transfer of Liability’ and send this to the collecting authority.

The levy charge becomes due when development commences. A commencement notice must be issued to the collecting authority (Form 6: Commencement Notice) and all owners of the relevant land to notify them of the intended commencement date of the development. The collecting authority will then send a Demand Notice to the person or persons who have assumed liability.

Please note: The forms available in the links above should be saved to your device and then completed using the free Adobe Reader desktop software / mobile app or full Adobe Acrobat software. Many internet browsers and other software can be used to view PDF format files, but we cannot guarantee their compatibility or functionality in regard to these forms.