Neighbour Consultation Scheme

What is the Neighbour Consultation Scheme?

The scheme relates to planning and is a method of prior approval; if you wish to build a large extension you must submit an application to the local authority, who will then consult the adjoining neighbours to advise them of your planned development.

If your neighbours raise any concerns or objections, the local authority will decide if their objections reveal any impact on the amenity of the neighbouring properties and whether your plans can go ahead.

This scheme only applies to larger single-storey rear extensions. This means that extensions of over four and up to eight metres for detached houses and over three and up to six metres for all other houses, must go through this process.

Read about how your extension may affect your neighbours.

Prior Approval for Larger Home Extension

A householder can submit an application online to the local planning authority to notify them of the intention to build a larger single-storey rear extension, as described above. Please read the guidance note for help completing the notification.

Download the Guidance Note (This note also contains further information about the scheme in general).

If you require any further advice regarding the Neighbour Consultation Scheme, please contact your local planning authority.