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Sponsored content is a great way to get more information across about your product and business than an advert can provide. Articles can be written by your business for inclusion on the Planning Portal and placed in prime spots to get the quality visitors to your website.

We recommend that these articles are to written in plain, conversational English. Editorial integrity is crucial in maintaining the trust of Portal users and the credibility of the brand and we would like this reflected at all times.

In summary, content written for the Planning Portal needs to be:

  • Simple
  • Accurate
  • Written in plain language.


  • Articles must have a maximum word count of 700 words, including titles
  • Titles and sub titles are to be displayed in sentence case
  • Don’t use Americanisms
  • Try to avoid using ‘click here’, it doesn’t give a clear instruction to the user about what they can expect from their action
  • Opt for using words to indicate the outcome of the user’s action. For example, 'read the report’ or ‘download the form’.  
  • Use natural linking where possible.

Please be aware that we may adjust articles to reflect our house style and tone. In this situation, any alterations to the article are to be agreed by you before publishing.

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