Newsletter adverts

The newsletter adverts available are:

  • 2 x banner adverts or;
  • 1 x banner and 1 x rectangle* (MPU) or;
  • Sponsored content


  • Banner: two sizes available; 468 x 60px and 600 x 60px. One URL website link
  • Rectangle (MPU): 300 x 250px
  • Static (non-animated) images only, to be supplied as GIF, JPG or PNG
  • Maximum file size of 80kb
  • MPU and text only version requires copy in the following specification:
    • 70 words maximum (including any terms and conditions)
    • No more than 4 bullet points as part of word count
    • One URL website link only (will be used in text and for the image) *No redirect links to be used, this will break the link.
  • Sponsored content:
    • For the newsletter: 70 words maximum (including title). Newsletter readers will be directed to the complete sponsored content article hosted on the Planning Portal which will then link to the advertiser’s website.
    • For the article: 650 words maximum (including titles), company URL.