Appeal procedures


There may be different types of procedure available to you depending on the type of appeal you’re submitting.

Before you submit your appeal you should consider carefully which is the right type of procedure for your case. You will be asked this on the appeal form.

If you want a planning appeal to follow the inquiry procedure you should notify the Local Planning Authority and also the Planning Inspectorate no less than 10 working days before submitting your planning appeal.

While you may prefer a certain type of procedure, your request will be considered by the Planning Inspectorate. It may decide that your choice is not appropriate to your case and suggest an alternative procedure. The final decision in this respect will be that of the Planning Inspectorate.

A written procedure is the most common way of proceeding with an appeal, and in some cases the only way.

For example, householder appeals can only be dealt with through written submissions. However, most other appeals can also be dealt with by means of an informal hearing or by an inquiry.

Using one procedure in preference of another will not affect the outcome of the final decision. They all carry the same weight and will be considered in a fair and proper manner.

A planning consultant may help with the smooth running of your project and guide you on any appeal processes that may arise. To find an accurate consultancy quote, explore Studio Charrette's calculators.