Making an appeal

Search for an appeal

You can use the Planning Inspectorate’s Appeals Casework Portal to search for current or recent appeals.

The quickest way to search is to enter the final part of the appeal reference, eg, if the appeal reference is APP/A1234/A/99/1234567, then type 1234567 in the search field and the details should be found.

The search facility also allows you to search using other criteria, such as by site address or postcode.

Once you have located the appeal, you are able to view selected details about the case and view some of the documents associated with it, including the decision if it has been made.

Please be aware that not all documents are necessarily published. Where they aren’t available, you should be able to view them at the offices of the local planning authority (LPA) associated with the appeal.

Sometimes, the relevant LPA may also publish all documents on their own website under the original planning application number.

For decisions that are more than five years old, please contact the LPA for a copy.

Called-in appeals

In respect of ‘called in’ planning appeals (where decisions are called in and made by the Secretary of State), the associated Inspector’s Reports are available from the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government.

You can also visit the MHCLG website to view decisions and inspector's reports for recovered appeals.