Making an appeal

Comment on an appeal

You may submit comments in respect of an appeal or provide additional information during the course of an appeal.

This should be done through the Appeals Portal. The quickest way to search is to enter the final part of the appeal reference, eg, if the appeal reference is APP/A1234/A/99/1234567, then type 1234567 in the search field and the details should be found.

However, before submitting comments, you should review the Planning Inspectorate’s copyright and privacy statement, terms and conditions, and their guidance on taking part in the relevant appeal process.

To comment on an appeal it must be valid, have started, permit representations at appeal stage, and the deadline for the submission of representations must not have passed.

You can send individual documents using these facilities, but each one must be no bigger than 5MB.

Comments submitted after the deadline may be considered invalid and returned to the sender. The deadlines (representation due dates) are published on the case summary page.

Once you have submitted comments or a document you should see a receipt screen confirming the receipt of the information.

If the receipt screen isn't displayed or you have problems obtaining a copy of your comments form, please do not re-submit the details – contact the Appeals Casework Portal customer support team (details below).

Please provide your details and the reference number of the appeal and advise that you were trying to submit comments online. This will then be checked and confirmation provided back to you.

If the deadline is due to expire, please use the case officer’s email address to send comments. You can find the case officer’s email address on the case summary page.