How to apply

Planning permission and Building regulations approval

Planning permission 

You apply to the relevant local planning authority for planning permission. All planning applications are required to be submitted on a standard form and can be submitted either online or by post.

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Building regulations approval

You may need building regulations approval for alterations and improvements to an existing building as well as new buildings. For example, electrical or plumbing work or replacing doors and windows.

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You can submit a building control application through your chosen building control body (BCB) either online or by post. A building control body can be either the relevant local authority or an approved inspector.

An approved inspector will notify the local authority of the work, this is known as giving 'initial notice'.

This section details the procedure of making an building control or planning application, the types of permission you can apply for, and the information required for the application to be processed.

Building regulations approval is different to planning permission although your project may need both. Contact a building control body for advice if you are unsure.

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