How to apply

What it costs

Planning permission

In most cases there will be a fee. However, for some consents, e.g. listed building and planning permission for relevant demolition in a conservation area, no fee is required.

You can calculate the fee yourself by using the Planning Portal's online fee calculator or you can ask your council. If you are unsure about the appropriate fee for your application, you are strongly advised to contact your local planning authority in advance of submitting your application, as an incorrect fee will delay the processing of your application.

The fee calculator can be used as a standalone tool, but it is also a step in the online application process.

You can also download a guide to the fees for planning applications in England.

The revenue from fees contributes towards the cost to the local authority of handling applications and the fee is not refundable unless the application is invalid.

Where the local planning authority fails to determine your application, or where you submit a valid application and then withdraw it at any time before it has been determined, the fee will not be refundable. However, if the local authority fails to determine your application, you can appeal.

When a previous application has been granted, refused or withdrawn, one further application by the same applicant for the same type of development on the same site can generally be made free of charge within 12 months. It is for the local authority to decide whether this concession applies.


Your application must be accompanied by the correct fee.

Fees can be calculated within the online application system and be paid in one of four ways:

  1. Secure online payment by credit or debit card direct to the local planning authority
  2. Payment by cheque: the system will tell you where to post the cheque when you select this option
  3. Payment by phone: the system will provide the correct telephone number when you select this option
  4. Some authorities will also accept payment by BACS Transfer. If you choose this option, the system will provide you with further information on making the payment.

If you are posting the application, it should be accompanied by the correct fee.

Building regulations approval

Local authority building control bodies set their fees and can advise you on the cost. An approved inspector will discuss fees with you and you can agree on a cost for the work.