Installing an outbuilding

The addition of an outbuilding to a garden is an easy and cost effective way amongst homeowners to add a liveable space to the outside of a property.

Outbuildings are often used as a garden office, a summer house or a hot-tub or pool house. The trend in recent years has been the construction of a garden office; typically a standalone, insulated outbuilding which is double glazed and normally connected to the electrical mains supply. A garden office or pod is the perfect working from home solution, saving valuable space in your home, while a summerhouse provides a quiet area away from the main house to relax and enjoy.

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A pool house is a small building which incorporates the use of changing facilities and plant equipment for your swimming pool. If you are thinking about installing a pool house, check that the building is of sufficient size to accommodate the pump and filtration system required for the plant room, also consider the space needed for storing chemicals, covers, reels and other maintenance equipment, with a separate area for changing or showering facilities.

For hot-tub houses, ensure the base will take the weight of the tub filled with water and the maximum number of bathers. You may want to allow for changing facilities in the space as well and you will also need to consider adequate ventilation for the room.

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