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    Content marketing partnerships

    How a content marketing partnership can help your business

    Our users trust the Planning Portal to deliver authoritative, relevant content that seeks to solve problems, to advise on best practice and to recommend improvements. A content partnership with us gives you the opportunity to position your brand within our trusted site at key stages in your prospective customer’s buying cycle: research, decision-making and acquisition.

    Successful marketing is impossible without unique, high-quality, valuable content that is results-driven and audience focused.

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    Here’s how our content partnership model works:

    Establishing goals and formulating a strategy

    Working collaboratively with you, we’ll create a tactical content marketing plan that is aligned to your long-term strategic objectives and business goals. Your customer and market insights and our in-depth knowledge of our audiences will inform an effective multi-channel campaign to help you reach new customers.

    Reflecting your prospective customer’s needs and market trends, we’ll identify topics, themes, content formats and search terms to target. This will allow us to decide on the right messaging, site placement, internal link strategy, calls-to-action and promotional channels to support your campaign. We’ll assign clear responsibilities and timelines and align them to a schedule that complements your business and market activity.

    Positioning your content on the Planning Portal

    As the trusted source for information and guidance on planning and building in England and Wales, we can offer you a wealth of opportunities to promote your brand both on our website and via other communication channels. We’ll identify the highest value areas of the site for your content to be published and build an internal link profile that feeds into natural customer journeys, ultimately driving high-quality leads to your website.

    We ensure your message and offering remains appropriate and relevant to our users by monitoring engagement and testing opportunities for enhancement where appropriate. Your content library can include a combination of pieces such as articles, guides, checklists, infographics or expert interviews.

    Promoting your content

    We want your content to get noticed by the right people, at the right time. A robust content marketing strategy doesn’t stop at creating and publishing relevant, valuable and insightful content – people also need to be able to find it. Targeting popular keywords and search terms gets us discovered by Google; coupling this with promotion via our other marketing channels means we can really get your business noticed.

    We work with you to develop and implement a joint marketing plan that can incorporate inclusion in our weekly newsletter (sent to 125k fully opted-in subscribers), promotion on our social media channels and publication on our Directors Blog. Our monthly targeted bulletins, sent to specific industry groups such as architects and local authorities, could also form part of your suite of promotional tools. We’re proud to report that both our general and targeted mailings attract open and click through rates that far exceed industry averages and regularly receive positive feedback from recipients.

    Enhancing and optimising your campaign with user insights

    As your campaign progresses, we’ll keep a close eye on audience engagement using insights from Google Analytics, social media monitoring tools and HotJar, a market-leading tool that enables tracking of on-page user behaviours such as heat maps and click tracking. We can adapt format, messaging, calls to action and user journeys to ensure your content continues to connect and engage with your target audience and that your brand and offering is presented in the best possible light.

    We can refine internal linking paths, test alternative messaging and, if your promotional plan includes our newsletters, try out different positioning to see what works best with your prospective customers.

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    The Planning Portal is delivered by PortalPlanQuest Limited which is a joint venture between TerraQuest Solutions Limited and the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC). All content © 2024 Planning Portal.

    The Planning Portal is delivered by PortalPlanQuest Limited which is a joint venture between TerraQuest Solutions Limited and the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC). All content © 2024 Planning Portal.