Planning Permission

If you intend to demolish your house, part of your house or any outbuildings, the council may have to agree the details of how you intend to carry out the demolition and how you propose to restore the site afterwards.

You will need to apply for a formal decision on whether the council wishes to approve these details before you start demolition. This is what is called a "prior approval application" and your council will be able to explain what it involves.

Listed buildings and buildings in conservation areas

You may need listed building or conservation area consent for the demolition of listed buildings or buildings within conservation areas.

You should discuss this with your local planning authority before you take any decision to demolish buildings in sensitive locations to avoid the risk of legal action being taken against you.

Read more about permitted development rules.

Disclaimer - Wales

This is an introductory guide and is not a definitive source of legal information. This guidance relates to the planning regime for Wales. Policy in England may differ. If in doubt contact your Local Planning Authority.

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