Frequently asked questions

Why is there a service charge for submitting planning applications?

Our Financial Transaction Service will launch on 10 September 2018 and will bring many benefits to applicants and local planning authorities. To make an online planning application from this date, there will be a service charge applied to applications that attract a planning fee. The service charge is £16.67 +VAT. 

The Financial Transaction Service will vastly improve the process of submitting and receiving planning applications for all our users, but it will of course cost money to run. It will cost us a fraction of what it currently costs individual agents and authorities across the country in time and money, but we have employed new staff to take payments by phone, process cheques and reconcile payments to applications.  Running the service day-to-day will mean an increase in banking and finance charges related to taking and making payments.

Of course, this income will also allow us to invest in developing our services, including: 

  • The range of free-to-use content and interactive guidance to explain planning, from  permitted development on common projects through to applying for planning permission for homeowners and others
  • Free-to-use technical and legislative content for planning and building professionals
  • A dedicated customer support team available 9am – 5pm  to support customers
  • The national building control service
  • And of course the planning application service itself , including increasing the maximum file size of supporting documents, e-enabling further application types and improvements to local validation amongst many others

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