Other considerations before you start work

Areas of Archaeological Importance

The Secretary of State has powers to designate an area as an ‘Area of Archaeological Importance’ under the Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Areas Act 1979 (as amended).

There are currently five areas designated in England, the historic city centres of:

These areas have been put in place to ensure that the local authority is made aware of any:

  • operations which disturb the ground
  • flooding operations
  • tipping operations

There is no separate consent required and the granting (or otherwise) of planning permission should not be affected simply because the proposed work falls within such an area.

However, you will be required to give notice to the local authority before you start work. Usually there will be a six-week period after the notice is served that allows the site to be investigated prior to work commencing. This is particularly relevant, but not limited to, work that does not require an application for planning permission.

Therefore, it is advised you use the links above to view information and contact the relevant local authority to discuss any proposed work that may be covered by this regime.